The Jelly Fox has been to visit


Standing in the kitchen eating a crusty loaf with my beloved with lots of olive oil and balsamic, left-over meats and home made chutneys, music blaring, heater on to stave of the rainy chill.

Stealing an hour, and LJ is the better platform to do it from.

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Clear, bright and colourful, velvety and marked like coral dwelling reef fish, we've had a late flush of tall iris that were mooching around here when we bought the house, but not doing much. It's the first year they've flowered.  I debated on whether to trash them or move them, very glad I tried moving them!

The carnivores are thriving too (yes there are two lots of them in water trays in that mass of plants), they need a bit of a clean up before the ants get too bad (makes the job often painful!) but they are shooting up flowers too.

Evil Jumping Jack!
Photo courtesy of my budding Chris Humphreys, Satans Prawn!


I'm in the process of downloading some 230 pics from the camera, will post some later if I get aroundtuit.

Since I started a facebook page I've been neglecting my LJ somewhat more than usual, not to mention that my Moshi Monster is missing me too.  I think I'm going to dump FB and start over with an Artists page, as although it's been swell to catch up with so many people in such a short space of time, alot of the stuff I'm seeing on there is the kinda stuff that shits me when it clogs up my inbox... nothing personal, but as i was supposed to be setting it up as a work tool, it has miserably failed (I'm sure my students/potential clients dont want to see a pic of one of my Melton Neices sitting in the middle of a road with an enormous chalked penis between her legs!).

Work is ramping up for the end of the year, I have the lurgy just in time for it.  Spent 4 days in Canberra at a Craft Retreat teaching, way too short a time!  Open Studio this Sat (at someone elses studio thank god - mine is still full of tiles and benchsaws and bathroom vanities, screens etc) and have scored a bit of more work making moulds for a local ceramicist - yay for work that pays that I dont have to prep for!  I should really be sipping lemon and honey tea and making the most of the opportunity to rest off this bloody cold, but having too much of a good time reading of Jades adventures.

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Another Melancholy Eris Day - #11

A rather mellow day yesterday, mostly because I think I got most of the feeling-crap/migraining/simply-fucking-awful out of my system last week - it was truly a horrible week with only a few small rays of good times through the dark, but on the whole a week of panadol osteo and no desire to get out of bed.  Was intending to blog last night, but beaded instead.
My brother rocked up on Sunday morning to surprise Mum for Dad's birthday on Monday and to catch up on all the birthdays he's missed (read cashed up kids!), family dinner, good times.
Yesterday we installed the fan and the light in the shower, gotta finish the grouting and wait for the bloke to come and install the screen and it's all done!!  Hooray! I don't mind showering with a handheld in the bath and washing my hair at the gym, but I'm not a freakish 6'4" and I can wash under the water stream while standing instead of knealing to the Tap Shrine.
Walked down and had the annual hot chocolate at the local Cafe, but it was watery and crap with pink marshmallows, should have made the pilgrimage in to Chokolait on the train, but then the shower wouldn't have been finished. Besides. Bought some Jesus Jones tickets for our anniversary on Friday so we can make up for it then!
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Stoopid android!

I have no idea where the posts from my phone have gone, not that they were earth shatteringly illuminating or anything,  just gentle ruminations from bed about the beauty of an electric blanket and a doona.  Comfort writings - bit like mashed potato.  Not so comfortable to write tho, small screen , tiny keyboard (even sideways) and no joy on the journal at the end of it all.
Making lots of moulds, getting the hang of cutting things with an angle grinder yeah - Grinder-Chick hear her roar!  Still ten fingers too! Despite efforts of stoopid dawg chewing the extension cord.  Slotted gym in this arvo and worked hard with lots of energy.
Off to glue tiles before tea.
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No more Turtle Guy.  He's shaved the mo off!!!!

Kissing is the worst, like a complete stranger!!!!
Everyone is in shock.  However, the scream from the bathroom when Saffron discovered him really was hilarious.  Maybe a side effect of all the waterproofing fumes combined with the concrete/silica(!!) sheet dust?
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Last day of the Holidays!

Not that I mind having the kids around 24/7, but over the past fortnight we've mostly existed on pies, a mountain in several different sweet and savoury varieties, and every shopping trip has cost me extra hot chocolates and coffees.  Plus I'm totally sick of the sound of my own screeching.  Why is it you have to become a bulging-eyed manic-dictator foaming at the mouth with wrath and ire in order to be taken seriously?  Honestly, if I have to say "Don't pick him up by his head!", repeat myself several times to get everyone dressed and out the door, or confiscate a Nerf gun one more time in the near future they are going to lock me up for mincing the lot of em up and feeding them to the new dog.
Speaking of which...

Does it look sane?  She's another Deerhound X. This is about the only close-up photo I've managed to get of her because she has one speed - full.  I already have one teenager to wrassle, what on earth possessed me to get a second?  She will no doubt settle down in a year or so, in the mean time we will have to live with the washing line stripping, bin raiding, jumping upon and trampling the smaller members of the family and hysterical barking when it all becomes too much for her (or when that evil postman comes past on that buzzy thing and attempts to steal her mail box).  A lot of it is no doubt due to the extended stay with the RSPCA, whoever lost her, or dumped her, originally probably thanked their luck stars when she went astray and obviously beating her bad habits out of her didn't work beyond making her extremely submissive and wary around new people.  Walking her on a choker is out of the question, she pulls like a train, and it sounds like she has a fair bit of windpipe damage from misuse of the chain in the past.  The Naughty Dog Walker (a funky adjustable halter that is tight around her upper throat and behind her ears, with a looser fitting muzzle piece) a friend gave us is excellent.  It was a real struggle to get on to her at first but she's improving in the amount of time she will sit still and let us get it done up.  The garden is suffering, lots of the plants have been trampled and she's managed to snap a couple of young trees in full flight without a care.  Loves her flower pots too, not too good for the plants in them.  It's been a wet couple of weeks, so not only have the smallies confined themselves to indoor activities for the duration of the holidays in case they dissolve and melt , the area around the back step is a quagmire pocked with doggy toe and nail prints, with the occasional speed smear thrown in.

I'm sure she'll get there.  It's a lot easier to raise a young hound with one child and a set of 6 ft paling fences that keep the world out, but as the photo above shows we have wire mesh fences and we are on a corner block, and lots of people love to walk their dogs past off the lead and ramp them up to sprint around just to see her in full flight.   Great for their dogs on the outside, but the 50m stretch of fence stops for our girl, sometimes quite suddenly!  Soccer finishes this term, and that will leave us free to go to obedience classes, if the big guy doesn't crack it and send her back from whence she came first!


and the number for the week is....


It has cropped up a lot over the last few days, certainly it is performing better than purple 66, which was pipped at the post by green 33 (only half as good, I reckon!).

Full swing into bathroom reno, no big hole in the floor today, just a big one in the ceiling instead (why stop when you're having fun?!)

I purchased a shower hand held thingy to go on the bath spout so we could still bathe here while the shower is out of commission, but the spout snapped off when I was fitting it yesterday, causing me to smack myself in the head to boot.  As I said, why stop when you're having fun?  Especially as I'm only counting pennies, directing, sweeping and doing the trailer runs. We've chalked up around 9 hours at Bunnings over the last 3 days, bumped into old friends and discovered that hardwood is no longer available (well at Bunnings, anyhow) and there is this new type of compressed pine that is used for all the structural stuff. Also Prawn has discovered yet another career, he's decided the building trade is for him - taken to the demolition side of it like a duck to water!!  Been a great help surprisingly.

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Illuminated By Fire

Dad's ashes vessel is at BMW's The Edge at Fed Square as part of the Lights in Winter festival.  What a blast.  I'm one of the anonymous artists whose names only apear on the plinth, which is fine by me as it fits neatly under the radar while being out there for the world to see
Look, there she is on the bottom right!

Here's most of the crew that made this thing happen, totally unaware that the ghost of the installation they are watching is hovering on the other side of the glass trying to get in for a look at whats going on...

My fave pic from last nights tour, and another from the walk back to the car on St Kilda Rd last night..


Saw Black Cab last night, so this weeks soundtrack is a mix of 'sorta shoegaze' and sexy tram inspectors...

Oh, and saw some fab knitting over the last few days, too.
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